Get the Fastest and Safest Tan Application - Part 2

In the first part of this 2-part series we talk about the history of tanning and the benefits of a sprayed on tan. In shit second article titled: Get the Fastest and Safest Tan Application, we explore some more benefits associated with spray tanning as an alternative to sun bathing or sun tanning.

If you’ve tried tanning creams with mix feels about an uneven look, you’ll rest assured that spray tanning will instantaneously eliminate that pesky little problem.

California Tan tanning products have been known to produce effective and natural-looking tan glow on the skin. Making it further an effective and convenient application, the mist-on booth sprays allow you to sport a realistic tan color. This is because the tanning spray has formulas that able to control color variations. This means that the reaction will depend on the skin type and natural color. Fairer-skinned people will get a lighter tan color than with those olive-skinned persons upon application. Thus, the mist-on sprays are ideal for everybody who wants a sunkissed, bronzed glow.

What to remember when getting a tanned look through California Tan Mist-on booth?

The spray tanning booth is the best answer for those people seeking the quickest and safest bronzing of their skin. However, you must also remember that you should not rely on the application to protect your skin from the sun rays too. If going out and exposure to sunlight is unavoidable, you must wear a sunscreen at least 15 times the sun protection. Remember your tanned glow is natural so it can get burned from the UV rays.

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