Is Fake Tan a Safe Tan?

Ultra violet free tanning or self tanning which is also known as sunless tanning is a process in which chemicals are applied on the skin to produce an outcome similar in look to a conventional suntan. This process is known as fake tan. During the 1960s it was discovered that there is a link between skin cancer and exposure to the sun which resulted in the growth of fake tan.

Dihydroxyaceton (DHA) is the dynamic component in the sunless or self tanning lotions available in the market. DHA is not paint or a stain or a dye which produces the tan. The chemical reaction between DHA and amino acids in the dead layer on the surface of the skin causes the skin to tan. This chemical reaction is similar to the browning process during the manufacturing process of food. Fake tan obtained with the use of sunless or self tanning lotions does not involve any pigmentation of skin and there is no need for exposure to ultra violet rays. The chemical reaction obtained with the use of DHA is not toxic and does not harm the skin. It does not cause any damage to the skin whereas exposure to UV sometimes causes damage to it. The fake tan has a very short term effect and will change gradually over a week’s period. Find more info at

In some people the chemical Dihydroxyacetone in the sunless tanning lotion might cause skin problems so it is better to apply the lotion to a small patch of skin. If no adverse reaction in the skin is noticed within 24 hours than it can be applied all over the body to get a fake tan.

By using various sunless tanning products in the form of sprays, wipes, mousses, lotions or gels, a fake tan can be obtained at home. To obtain best results, apply the sunless tan lotion on dry and clean skin. Until the product is fully absorbed it is advisable not to take a bath or go swimming. Within one to six hours the product normally gets absorbed by the skin. Since thicker skin on the feet and hand absorbs more DHA it is necessary to either skip these areas or clean these areas immediately after applying the sunless tan lotion.

Since we get what we pay for, it is necessary to use a brand of tan which is considered safe and which has acquired a good reputation among the users. St. Tropez is known to be the favorite among the Hollywood stars and other celebrities. Fak, Clinque, Clarins are some of the other popular and luxury brand of fake tan products.

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