Self Tan

Self-tanning is a process of tanning the body without exposing it to the sun directly. It is a safer alternative to traditional suntanning.

The market is full of self-tanning products. They come in different forms such as sprays, gels, wipes, lotions, and pills. These products are an alternative to sun tanning. The main ingredient of all these self-tanning products is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When applied to the body, a chemical reaction takes place between the DHA and the oxygen in the atmosphere and this makes the dead cells of the skin to brown in just three or four hours. The brown color stays for approximately a week. The moisturizers and vitamins in the product help the skin to remain healthy and soft.

A new tanning-spray treatment is available for those who enjoy a trip to the salon but do not like to visit a tanning bed. This is an instant treatment with instant results and takes just 30 seconds.

Self-tanning has many advantages over the traditional suntan. It is instant and the user can decide how much dark he/she should be. Tan lines are completely avoided with self- tanning products. Another advantage is that it is temporary as it last only for a week. Moreover, sunless tanning is completely safe.

Here are some of the tips, which should be taken under consideration when using self- tanners. First, remove any dead flaky skin, which absorbs the color thus creating a patchy finish, using a body scrub. Massage the portion of the body that is to be treated with a body lotion. Always choose a lighter shade -- second layer can be applied later on, if it is too light, but if it is too dark, the tan wonít wash off immediately. Work the product firmly into the skin until it feels completely dry. Wipe those areas that donít usually tan (armpits, eyebrows, soles of feet and fingers, and hairline) using cotton.

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