Tanning Bed Bulbs Make Tanning Safe

Sunless tanning is an indoor tanning method that is becoming more popular than ever before! During the winter and when there are cloudy days, if you crave sunlight and that all-over tan, sunless tanning maybe your answer. Indoor tanning beds are popular and affordable, and are great alternative to hours of baking in the hot sun on a beach. Or, if you're getting ready to go away on a tropical holiday, indoor tanning beds will give you that kick-start tan! Airbrush tanning is a fun and emerging sunless tanning method that uses a clear liquid called DHA or for a more technical term, dihydroxyacetone. With this method, you are virtually guaranteed a golden tan within 5 to 10 days. Airbrush tanning is an FDA approved method of tanning and is considered safer than commercial tanning beds.

An indoor tanning bed or booth will imitate the sun. Tanning bed bulbs use UV-C rays and UV-B raise to achieve the best possible tan, so if you are concerned about ultraviolet radiation from a tanning bed, you can be at ease. Tanning bed bulbs use UVB and UVC technology only. The type of ray that is harmful is the UV-A ray.

Wolff tanning beds are considered the best tanning bed on the market. Most commercial and professional tanning salons use this type of tanning bed or you can get one for home use as well. A discount tanning bed or even a wholesale tanning bed can be found online at some great prices. Remember, if you decide on a home-use purchase this type of tanning method can be expensive. Lotions and tanning bed bulbs don't come cheap, but tanning bed lotions are the least expensive part to buy when it comes to the sunless tanning method. You'll find that most tanning lotions are made from minerals, herbal ingredients, and vitamins. When you choose the right indoor tanning bed method, you will find that it is a lot safer than baking in the sun for hours at your favorite beach.

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