Tips On Getting Yourself Tanned Without Sun

Sunless tanning is also know as indoor tanning. It is to get yourself tanned without the harmful drying effects of the sun. There are various options available to get a tan that do not involve exposing yourself to the sun. Some of these methods include using a sunless tanning bed, using tanning lotion, and using dark tanning accelerators.

Sunless tanning products come in various forms. The effectiveness and results of these methods vary, so does the price. Treatments can cost anything from a few dollars (such as sunless tanning cream) to a hundred dollar a session at a salon.

Before using any of these sunless tanning method, read the following tips and make sure you get the right option for yourself.

1) Do not apply any body lotion, except for sunless tanning lotion before using any sunless tanning method. This is because body lotion may cause your tan to be streaky and not take in some area.

2) Applying body sunless tanning lotion is more complex than what you think. Be sure you see professional help in doing that. Improper application may result in uneven tanning, which will make your skin look worse than before.

3) Be careful if you are planning to buy sunless tanning pills. Some pills have no apparent effect at all. FDA has not approved most tanning pills due to the severe side effects. Many of these pills are nothing but hyped up multivitamins.

4) If you simply want to look tan for certain occasion, you can consider using sunless tanning sprays. Such spray typically last for five to seven days.

5) If you are thinking of going to a sunless tanning salon, make sure that the salon has knowledgeable, open staff who can explain the processes, precautions, and aftercare to you. Also, check out the follow up care and maintenance package. Some salon may charge low upfront but slaughter you in the maintenance package. Be careful not to fall into such trap.

6) The effectiveness of sunless tanning products depend on your skin type. Generally, fair-skinned people are more susceptible to burning when using sunless tanning treatment such as tanning bed and tanning lamps.

In deciding what type of sunless tan treatment, you should first of all decide the purpose for such treatment. If you just need it for a certain occasion, always go for sunless tanning spray as it is the safest. If you wish to have a lasting tanned skin, you may have to choose tanning bed or tanning pills. But be extremely careful with the long term side effects.

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