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Sunless Tanning: Donít Fry Your Skin Anymore!

We are all aware of the dangers of tanning whether from the sun or a tanning bed. Well now thereís good news. Sunless tanning means you donít have to fry your skin anymore!

We are all becoming more health conscious, more concerned about our health in the future. That means more and more of us are opting out of tanning. But that doesnít mean we donít want to have that sexy golden tan. Now weíve got alternatives!

The new instant tan formulas let you avoid those dangerous rays while still providing you with a rich beautiful tan. No more spending hours lying in the sun while you soak up harmful UV rays to get that tan.

The new sunless tanning products will keep you looking tanned for up to a week and all you need to do is continue to apply and your tan will never leave you. You can use it on every skin type and it dries in minutes. Because of the highly nutritious moisturizers it will leave your skin silky smooth without irritating or drying your skin.

Applications last anywhere from 5 to 10 days gradually fading but as mentioned previous just apply daily and your tan will never leave you. You simply need to gently exfoliate between applications.

It will stand up to showers, hiking, swimming, perspiration, and any other activity. Whether itís your favorite social gathering, vacation, date, or any other outing.

After learning to correctly apply sunless tanning lotion youíll never again need to spend time at the salon. No more red rashes from the tanning bed, no more boring 20 minutes in the bed, no more worrying about whether your desire for a tan will leave you with skin cancer.

Here are a few products worth trying:

1.Algotherm Self Tanning Cream An extensive French skin line with self tanner. It uses dihydroxyacetone which gets absorbed into your outer layer of skin turning it brown. This is a nice light weight product thatís easy to apply and it has a light flowery fragrance.

2. Au Courant Bronze Face Gel One of the best sunless face tanners on the market which works on all skin types. It has a lovely sheer matte finish that dries quickly and doesnít clog the pores.

3. Bain de Soleil Self Tanning CrŤme Dark A great product that can be applied from light to dark depending on your skin tone but it does have a very strong perfume. Itís a nice product that goes on smoothly and is a real treat to wear.

4. Banana Boat Cream Self Tanner From soft medium brown to deep dark brown. It uses a henna type product which gives a nice lasting finish and the nice light scent smells like green apples.

5. BioTherm SPF 12 Sublime Self-Tanner for Face and Body It has a shimmery tint to the finish which gives it somewhat of a different look. Some find it attractive while others arenít thrilled. Youíll have to experiment with this one and see what you think.

6. Clinique Self-Sun Body Self Tanning Mist Clinique has been producing superior products for years now. This is one of the best self tanning products on the market with a great moisturizer. It does have a bit of a drying affect but it is fragrance free. Tan lasts longer than most.

There are a great deal of sunless tanning products on the market. The best way to find the one thatís best for you is to try them all. Have fun!

Claris has worked for a tanning salon for more than 5 years and has extensive knowledge on both tanning methods of products such as lotions, sun screen and home tanning beds. At , Claris will give you a 2-Week "Perfect Tan" regiment that will provide you with the exact shade that you want without sacrificing your skin health.