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Do Spray Tanning Beds Work for Ticklish People

There are various types of machines including spray tanning machines. If you're considering using a tanning bed or spray machines to get that beautiful overall tan, you're going to find it's not much different from tanning on the beach. The tanning bed is becoming more popular daily as vacationers get tuned up for two weeks of some sun and fun in their favorite tropical location. If you plan on using tanning beds often, there are a few things that you should be aware of regarding their use. What a tanning bed does is it actually replicates the tanning process in a controlled environment. The tanning bed uses UVB and UVA ultraviolet rays to give you the same tan that the sun does. In the tanning salon, you can control your length of time you would like to be exposed to the bed's UV rays and also control which UV rays the skin itself is exposed to. On the beach, you don't have that type of control, so this is a popular feature among many tanning salon users. Of course, you can use a tanning bed in the winter, and it creates the same UV radiation that you experience in the sun.

With spray tanning machines, more commonly referred to as airbrush tanning, the liquid that is applied contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and is applied to your body using an airbrush or spray nozzle. Of course, you could do coppertone products ordering online and find a good patch of sun on the beach, but you also can't do this in the middle of winter without the expense of travel yet too. Various types of spray tanning machines exist and one type is the Jet Tan Airbrush Tanning method. This features a tanning solution with an instant tanner for the face and a barrier cream. The solution includes an instant bronzer that dries in 5 to 10 minutes along with a self- tanning ingredient that reacts with the amino acids that produces a nice tan in about three or four hours. The instant bronzer and tanner solution for the face is specifically designed to instantly give your face a beautiful, golden, bronze look and the barrier cream is to prevent over-tanning in color-prone areas.

Tanning bed machines will give you a tan, but you first must get a good base tan, which is deep and below the surface. You'll find that this can take about six to eight sessions, depending on the pigmentation of your skin. Tanning salon employees are there to help you every step of the way, including how to use the machine, and with advisement on skin tone and various other services. Individuals with fair skin should limit somewhat their exposure to ultraviolet rays that are emitted from tanning machines. Since ultraviolet light is used in tanning beds, they are only slightly different from the ones that you get from the sun. There are a couple of precautions you need to remember if you're considering using a tanning bed. Wear protective goggles and apply liberal amounts of tanning products or lotions. Without using goggles you are opening or leaving your eyes susceptible to serious harm, perhaps burning the eye. Use goggles specially designed for tanning beds because they are designed specifically to protect you against UV rays. Remember to always use lots of moisturizing product. This is absolutely essential. If you choose coppertone products ordering online, make sure the product you get has tyrosine, which is an amino acid that assists in the production of melanin. This controls pigmentation of the skin, so should be a principal consideration in selecting the right lotion. Tyrosine then actually controls the skin's color by allowing your body to maintain melanin levels longer. With a little bit of knowledge prior to your tanning salon experience, your tropical vacation is sure to be a knockout experience!

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