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Most ill effects of unguarded sun exposure are well known. It quickens ageing of skin, development of wrinkles, causes skin damage, apart from increasing possibility of developing skin cancer. Exposure to sun darkens those areas of skin. They become tanned as compared to covered portion of the body. It is considered fashionable to acquire a tan. Many people do so by sun bathing.

It is possible to experience adverse effects of sun tanning. People with sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation. Severe skin burn could cause skin to peel off or redden considerably. Others may develop painful rashes. In order to combat such drastic effects, an increasing number of people are opting for sunless tanning methods. They are meant to imitate an actual tan without being exposed to UVB and UVA.

Sunless tanners can be applied or used at ease. Most tanning lotions and sprays contain 8% DHA formula. This is a standard application as per authorized limit set by FDA. Such formulas help tan the skin for a short time by yellowing the outer layer of the skin. This sunless tan fades similar to a natural tan through shedding of old skin cells.

Though sunless tanning formulas help acquire a desired look they do not protect the skin from exposure to the sun. Critics confirm that certain dubious manufacturers have even sold capsules containing canthaxanthin that could cause tanning. Some companies use high alcohol content in their portions that cause discomfort and itching. It is important to make enquiries regarding manufacturer?s credibility prior to making such purchases.

People may select from a wide range of spray tans and airbrush tans. Though some people claim that such tans look unreal, they effectively eliminate risks related to natural tanning. An advantage of sunless tanning formulas is that they can be used all through the year. Though they are easy to apply, amateurs may experience difficulty in spreading them effectively. To acquire a uniform tan it is important to exfoliate the skin before application. This is because rough skin can cause improper tanning. Smooth skin proves to be a perfect base to acquire a golden even suntan.

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