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Commercial Tanning Booths Are Often Touted As Providing A Better Tan Then The Standard Tanning Bed

What Is a Tanning Booth?

Commercial tanning booths are cosmetic devices used to emit ultraviolet rays for the purpose of darkening the skin. Similar in purpose to a tanning bed, commercial tanning booths differ in design. Tanning beds are used while a prosepective tanner is lying down, while tanning booths take action during the seating process. Since their introduction onto the market, commercial tanning booths have been preferred over tanning beds in almost overwhelming numbers, particularly when it comes to sanitation. Since tanning booth users are always standing, there isn't as much person to unit contact as is routinely found with tanning beds.

Features of Commercial Tanning Booths

Most tanning booths use 160 watt Very High Output (VHO) or Very High Output with Reflector (VHO-R) lamps. Sometimes less expensive tanning lamps with one hundred watt High Output (HO) or Reflector Ultraviolet voltages are used. Commercial tanning booths often sport between thirty-two and fifty-six of these lamps, which burn for a ten to fifteen minute tanning session.

Tanned skin lovers regularly hail the tanning booth for it's superior service. Often cited as offering a better tan than tanning beds, commercial tanning booths often feature handles that make under arm and side tanning a cinch. Tanning booths' signature VHO-R system feature effective reflectors built inside of the lamps, this helps reduce the likelihood of lost ultraviolet rays. The majority of tanning booths tote pricey tags and showcase short exposure times in the commercial market.

Popularity of the Tanning Booth

Professional tanning salons are opting for tanning booths in record numbers. While tanning booths for commercial use are significantly more expensive than traditional tanning beds, salon owners may end up saving money with a long-term investment in the booths. For starters, tanning beds require more square feet of room than booths. In addition, lots of commercial tanning booths are manufactured with an attached dressing room. Dressing room attachments mean that tanning salon owners don't have to dish out fistfuls of dough on having to build individual dressing rooms inside of the establishment. In spite, of it's burdgeoning popularity amongst tanning aficionados, commercial tanning booths haven't followed the tanning bed into residential paradise. Issues of comfort and expense may be factors of keeping the tanning booth from going residential.

Commercial Tanning Booths and Cancer?

Tanning booths feature the same mechanics as all cosmetic skin altering machines featuring the use of ultraviolet rays in a starring role. According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that makes tanning booths frighteningly dangerous. The NCI states that almost everyone who frequents commercial tanning establishments is putting themselves at an increase for developing skin. NCI officials have consistently warned the public that, in their view, long-term exposure to tanning facilite, like tanning booths, increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

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