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Top Choices in Tanning Beds and Airbrush Tanning Options

Tanning beds have quickly became a fantastic alternative to being able to get a jump start on protecting yourself from harmful sunrays when going away on a vacation. Most of the time you can walk into your local fake and bake location and buy minutes to help bronze up your skin before you head off on your vacation. Airbrush tanning actually allows you to maintain your tan for up to one week, so if you want to look good for a party or social gathering , then this just might be the easiest solution for you.

Used tanning beds can be used for home use. Depending on your lifestyle and choice this often is a great solution if you want to feel good about the way that you look. Society has often associated good color with one's health. There are many good name tanning bed products in the market place including wolf tanning, high pressure beds and even stand up beds. What the advantage is that you save a lot of time and sunburn by tanning indoors and studies have shown the what the value is of doing this. There are many positive affects of getting some sun.

Outdoor tanning is riskier than tanning indoors, but for many it's hard to resist staying in on a gorgeous summer day. Most consumers love the sun and don't realize just how fast they can get burn't from the sun's harmful rays. Be sure to use skin care products or sunscreen to help protect yourself from the sun's potentially harmful radiation.

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