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What Tanning Bed Supplies Do I Need?

If you own a home tanning bed or run a salon with several tanning beds, you have no doubt found yourself wondering what supplies you need to properly maintain your beds. As with any piece of machinery, there are literally dozens of parts that maintain your tanning bed's performance. However, if you are providing a service, there are many supplies that you may want to focus on.

Tanning lamps may be the number one concern for any of your customers. They tend to go out without notice and may lead to an uneven tan. Customers find this to be a hassle and may lead to them not returning to your salon in the future. To maximize the results of your tanning salon, you would be well advised to keep a stock of new tanning lights handy. This will allow you to simply change any light that may go out without warning. The customers will appreciate the added attention to detail.

Another possible trouble spot for tanning beds is the lamp holder. These are the fixtures that you insert the lamp into. They tend to get chipped or worn through constant changing of the lamps. They are relatively easy to change and you should consider them a key component of your tanning bed supplies. An improperly working lamp holder may cause the loss of that bed until it is fixed.

A final supply that may add to your customer's view of your salon should be tanning bed pillows. Many customers feel that the presence of a pillow in your tanning bed allows them added comfort during the tanning process. Many tanning bed supply stores carry a wide range of pillows starting at around twenty dollars. The added costs will result in much greater customer satisfaction.

These are all things a salon runner should consider to properly maintain their tanning beds. Any of these items can be found at local or online tanning bed supply stores and they may even prove vital to keeping your salon running efficiently.

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