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When it comes to finding the best tanning bed lotions you will find that there are many choices of tanning lotions to choose from. In fact a quick search on Google will find you almost 900 different types of tanning lotions to choose from to include bronzers, indoor tanning bed lotions and the widely popular tingle factor suntan lotion. Tanning lotions are primarily used to acquire a deep natural looking tan when exposed to the warming and soothing rays of the sun. Although these sun tan lotions will turn your skin into the dark bronze color you so desperately crave they do very little to prevent the sun's harmful rays from damaging your skin. So please keep that in mind when utilizing any store bought tanning lotion.

So now that we have established the many different tanning lotions available on the market why would you consider a sunless tanning lotion? Well, for starters a sunless tanning lotion would be a good choice for the title of best tanning bed lotion because it's made primarily for tanning indoors under the intense rays emitting from the professional grade tanning beds that are sold for commercial tanning salons as well as for tanning in the privacy of your on home. With the ability of not relying on the sun in order to produce a stunning tan these lotions become very easy and convenient to use in any indoor setting. When used properly many of today's top tanning lotions, also serve as a moisturizer that protects your skin while allowing for a natural looking tan to develop.

Tanning bed lotions became extremely popular several years ago due to the national warnings regarding the harmful effects on the dun's rays on the body while exposed to the sun even for a short period of time. They have since evolved into tanning sprays that not only protect the skin but also enrich it making the cell structure stronger and healthier. Tanning bed lotions are popular wherever tanning salons exist which is pretty much everywhere from California to Maryland and even in Florida.

Sadly when people see a tan or have a tan they think of it as a beauty symbol or status of some sort when in reality all it truly reflects is damaged skin cells that if consistently burnt could lead to serious side effects such as skin cancer. And it doesnít stop there because we have migrated from the best tanning bed lotions to tanning pills and tanning accelerators but their use has slowed down due to the harmful effects they render to the skins normal cellular life. However if someone simply must have a tan pigment to their skin then the sun less tanning lotions do offer a safer way to achieve the golden tanned look they want without as many harmful side effects.

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